Static Mixers


Introduction :

We offer wide range of static mixer particularly used for mixing of many chemicals or additives to water & waste water. typical applications include Mixing of polyelectrolyte, SMBS, coagulant, Alum, FeSo4, acid or alkali addition for neutralization etc. The equipment achieves rapid mixing in short span of length wherein no additional power or rotary equipments are required for mixing. This leads to lot of savings on power & capital equipment costs.

Mixing is an important & indispensable part of any chemical process industry. It is very important to achieve better mixing in a very cost effective way. SCIPL Static Mixer provides the best solution for such requirements.

Static Mixer/ In-line Mixers are unique in a way where material itself is moved through elements/blades as against blades though material in dynamic mixers. Be it paste, slurry, liquid or gas, STATIC MIXER eliminate costly downtime and enhance product and process control. SCIPL static mixers have no moving parts to cause maintenance problems, and they deliver exceptionally long, worry-free life.

After careful study & consideration of various process parameters such as Viscosity, Density, Flow rate, Pressure Drop & desired CoV –Coefficient of variation (a measure for degree of mixing), Reynold―s number, flow type- Laminar or turbulent; we at Shalin Composites design & fabricate static mixers for various applications. Our vast experience & expertise in field of composites enable us to offer static mixers in various material of construction viz: PP, PVC, FRP, PVDF, PTFE, SS, and MSRL to suit highly corrosive conditions.

Advantages Of Static Mixers

  • Highly efficient mixing.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • No moving parts for maintenance free operation.
  • No direct motive power required.
  • No need for tanks in most cases.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Minimal space requirement.
  • Totally enclosed pipe designs.
  • Optional injectors and sample points
  • Available in all sizes.
  • Available in a wide range of materials.
  • Custom design.

The continuous phase material & the additives phase to be mixed are passed through certain number of elements with an application specific design & dimensions. The element moves the mixture radially in & out while continuing to flow in axial direction. This unique action causes division & union of flow at each element. At the end of the elements the mixture thus becomes homogeneous resulting in excellent mixing.

Typical applications of Static Mixers:

Water & Waste Wastewater

  • Aerating water for Fe & Mn removal.
  • Neutralization by addition of caustic.
  • Dissolving ozone
  • Mixing of flocculants such as FeCl3 .

Cosmetics & Detergents

  • saponifying greases with caustic soda.
  • Diluting surfactants.


  • mixing miscible/dispersing immiscible reactants.
  • neutralization of process streams.
  • mixing of gases in front of catalytic reactors combustion.


  • Mixing blast furnace & coke oven gas.
  • Blending fuel gases with air before combustion.


  • Mixing additives, catalysts, into polymers.
  • Rapid heating of polymers
  • Homogenization of temperature& colorants in polymer


  • Chlorination of hydrocarbons

Pulp & Paper

  • Mixing bleaching chemicals with pulp