(Reverse Osmosis Membrane Housing)


Introduction :

Shalin composites manufacture wide range of Reverse Osmosis Membrane housings which are extensively used in Industrial & institutional Reverse Osmosis plants as well as major Desalination plants.

Our ROLINER Range of pressure tubes are manufactured using high strength Glass Fiber in combination with high quality Epoxy resin which forms an extremely strong composite tube. The Pressure tubes are manufactured using Sophisticated CNC controlled filament winding machine. The computer controlled machine enables us to manufacture high precision and very strong Membrane housings. Each ROLINER pressure tube is subjected to extensive post cure using infrared lamps ensuring complete post cure and optimum strength.

ROLINER Pressure tubes are offered in various options like side port & end port connections. ROLINER PRESSURE TUBES are available in different sizes like 4” & 8” diameter with lengths up to 7 mtr to accommodate 7 membranes in single housing and pressure rating from 300PSI up to 1200 PSI.

Salient Features

  • Smooth inner surface finishing for easy loading & unloading of membrane elements.
  • End port and side port available.
  • Outer polyurethane paint for UV resistance.
  • Single head assembly to cut down spare part.
  • 100% hydro test at 1.5X operating pressure.
  • Burst pressure 4X
Available Pressure Ratings (psi) 250/300/450/600/1000/1200
Lenght ( no. of elements) 1 To 7
Shell Material FRP
Shell Colour White
Feed / Reject Port
Size 1.5' (End Port)          1.5' / 2.0' /2.5 (Side Port)
Connection Groove
Material Ss 316 (Duplex SS for 1000 psi and above)
Permeate Port
Size 1
Connection Female NPT/ BSP
Material ABS
Head Assembly Retainer lock bars, cast aluminium bearing plates,
ABS seal plate and lock nut, head seal, permeate port o-ring
Adaptor Standerd 0. 125' OD adaptor is included
Straps & Saddles Depending on lenght
Max. Operating Temperature 50 c (122f)

Available Pressure Ratings (psi) 250/300/450/1000
Lenght ( no. of elements) 1 To 4
Shell Material FRP
Shell Colour White
Feed / Reject Port
Size 0.5 / 0.75 (End Port)      0.5' / 0.75/1'(Side Port)
Connection Female NPT/ BSP (End Port)     Groove (side Port)
Material ABS (End Port)
Permeate Port
Size 0.5'
Connection Female NPT/ BSP
Material ABS Standerd (Stainless Steel option)
Head Assembly Head assembly consists of half moon plates,
ABS seal plate & lock nut, Head permeate port O-ring
Adaptor 0.75 OD standerd adaptor is provided for side entry vessel
Straps & Saddles Depending on lenght
Packaging PVC plastic wrapping with carbon outer pack
Max. Operating Temperature 50c (122f)