(Composite Pressure Vessels)


Introduction :

Shalin Composites offer wide range of FRP Composite pressure vessels for Water and desalination industry Our DURASHELLR range of Composite pressure vessels are manufactured on highly sophisticated CNC controlled automatic machines promising same repeatability and precision quality over wide range of models. DURASHELLR vessels are manufactured in LDPE as well as FRP liner option. DURASHELLR LDPE liner vessels are standard vessels made up of virgin quality natural colour LDPE material which ensures no algae formation in longer usage.

The top and bottom threaded adaptors are made up of high quality glass filled HDPE to ensure more strength at threaded portions. DURASHELLR FRP liner vessel are typically used for non -standard customized pressure vessels. For more than decade this has been our USP. We can offer customized vessel from 250 dia to 1600 dia with height up to 4 mtr. Apart from size customizations vessel can be offered with options like Sight glass, lateral opening, flanged opening with blind flange for HAND/MAN HOLE etc.

All DURASHELLR Vessels are externally reinforced with FRP filament winding laid accurately using modern fully automatic filament winding machine. The helical + hoop winding combination enables us to offer test pressure vessel up to 10 bar with burst pressure of up to 40 bar. We can also offer higher rating customized pressure rating vessels as per requirements.

Salient Features

  • Designed in Compliance with EN13121
  • Completely customized vessels can be offered
  • Smooth finished LDPE/FRP liners
  • High performance FRP filament wound outer shell
  • Top and Side manhole for easy filling and removal of media
  • Sight glass to examine process operation during service, regeneration and backwash
  • Inlet and outlet flanges are compatible with standard PP top distributors and bottom collectors
  • 100% corrosion resistance
  • Light weight and easy to install at site
  • Each and every vessel is hydrotested at rated pressure
  • Unique identification number facilitates complete traceability for raw material & its authentication.


  • Pressure sand filter
  • Activated carbon filters
  • DM plants
  • Pre- treatment of RO plants
  • Custom made Mixed Bed vessels
  • Horizontal Pressure vessels for large flow rate filters and Package STP plants
  • Non-pressure applications like storage tanks for corrosive chemicals.
Model Opening (top & Bottom) Volume in ltrs
1248 2.5" threaded 79.5
1354 4" threaded 105.7
1465 4" threaded 148
1665 4" threaded 194
1865 4" threaded 257
2162 4" threaded 330
2472 4" threaded 473
3072 4" threaded 697
3672 6" Flanged 970
4272 6" Flanged 1494
4872 6" Flanged 1895
6367 6" Flanged 2590
6386 6" Flanged 3280
Durashell 3072
Durashell 3072
Durashell 3672
Durashell 3672
Durashell 6386 ( With 6 Handhole)
Durashell 6386 (With 6 Handhole)
Durashell 7995
Durashell 7995

Durashell 7995
Durashell 7995