Degasifying Towers, Scrubbers


Introduction :

Ground water or bore well water often consists of dissolved gases like H2S, co2 which needs to be removed in a cost effective manner. Similarly, in chemical process industries, many corrosive gases need to be scrubbed prior to releasing to atmosphere.

We offer customized, high efficiency Degassifier towers & packed bed column Scrubbing system which removes dissolved gases from water or absorb from air by counter current flow of air or scrubbing liquid with respect to gas. The entire system is fabricated out of PP/FRP MOC which is light weight FRP, non corrosive & ideally suited for corrosive surroundings in SCIPL plants, post RO plant or any other chemical industry.

Salient Features

  • Light in weight
  • Easy to install.
  • Non metallic construction.
  • Supplied along with non metallic centrifugal blowers
  • Customized product, can be designs as per requirement and specification

All equipments are manufactured in compliance with international standards such as BS4994, ASTM4097D, EN13121 etc. The equipments are designed by our experienced engineers using sophisticated custom built software & are tested with our in house testing facilities.


Gas scrubbing systems: how it works�

At SCIPL we offer various gas scrubbing solutions wherein, Waste gases are sucked with the help of centrifugal blower or by vaccum created at ventury. A scrubbing liquid is made to flow in counter current direction to the gas flow. The packing media present in the column offers large mass transfer area thereby causing the gas absorption process. The mist created by spray nozzles is eliminated by mist eliminator.The treated gases coming out of scrubber are released to atmosphere through chimney.

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With our vast experience in plastic & composites fabrication & with the he, of renowned process consultants, we at Shalin Composites India Pvt. Ltd. design, fabricate, install highly effiecient, corrosion resistant packed bed columns & ventury scrubbers, Cyclone separator .

Special consideration is given to specifications of gases & liquids like Vapor pressure, flooding velocity, and exotherm of reaction. This makes our scrubbers offer efficiency up to 99% with treated gas parameters as per local pollution control boards.

MOC offered: PP, PVC, PVDF, FRP FRVE, and dual laminate